Amoco tower

The Amoco tower module is under construction by Sean Lamb

The prototype basis for this module is a section of the four-track Pacific Electric Railway mainline in Los Angeles at Amoco tower. At this prototype location, a control tower was mounted atop a signal bridge that spanned all four mainline tracks. The tower controlled the switches and signals at an interchange that featured one track crossing all four mainline tracks at 90º, while two other tracks connected to switches on the outer two mainline tracks (one of which had to cross three of the mainline tracks to reach the fourth). "Amoco" in this prototype refers not to the American Oil Company, but instead to the American Olive Company, whose freight siding was served by the track that crossed all four mainline tracks. There are a number of photographs of this tower and interchange on the internet, several of which are featured at the Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society website.

On the module, three of the four Pacific Electric lines will make up the three NTrak mainlines. The fourth PE track will be modeled but will not be operational. As of January 2014, a four-foot module base is constructed that will be the starting point for the module.