Main yard


The current yard was built by club members to replace an older yard that was showing its age.

The yard has five tracks per mainline, which gives us a total of 15 tracks on which to set up and store trains during shows.  It was built in six sections, two 4-foot sections and four 6-foot sections.  It was designed to be configurable in shorter lengths by using only some parts of the yard module set.  The minimum length is simply the two end sections at 12 feet, while the maximum length uses all six sections at 32 feet.

All 32 feet of the yard in use at the Mad City Model Railroad Show 2013

For operations, the yard is split electrically at the middle section joint.  The yard control panel uses double-throw center-off rocker switches to turn tracks on and off, with one on switch position for the mainline throttles and the other on switch position for the yard throttle.

The yard control panel

Show appearances

The yard was used as part of the following show layouts: