The racetrack module was built by Eric Meyer.  It features a six-foot long central section to showcase a large N scale race track.  The racing cars are pulled around the track by magnets; there is a magnet mounted under each car and a matching magnet mounted on the top of a locomotive that runs on Kato Unitrack under the race track pavement.

There have been a few iterations of this module set over the years.

Eric and an early version of the race track module at the 2005 National Train Show

Overview of Eric's racetrack module at the Mad City Model Rairoad Show 2013

Show appearances

This module set was included in layouts at the following shows:

  • NMRA National Train Show, 2005
  • Train Time, Milwaukee School of Engineering, 2011
  • Trainfest, 2011 - slot car version
  • Mad City Model Railroad Show, 2012
  • Mad City Model Railroad Show, 2013