Suburban station

The suburban station module was built by Sean Lamb. 

Version 1 - 10-foot module
Version one of this module set was built as a 10-foot long module that split in the middle into two 5-foot sections for transportation.  It featured a suburban commuter station on the mainline and a lower level 2-track loop with simple streetcar operations and a subway station below the mainline station.  This version of the module set did not get very far into scenery construction before major problems were revealed in the way the track was aligned on the mainline.
The original plan was to have the left side of the module include more modern structures and office buildings while the right side would be more light-to-middle industrial buildings.

Version 2 - 12-foot module
Version two is in the planning stages as of February 2013.  The overall design will be very similar to version one, but the module will split into three 4-foot sections; this will remove the need for layouts to include the club-owned 2-foot spacer module.  Current plans are to modify the streetcar line to become a dogbone shape that will travel upgrade from the left module to the mainline level in the center module and will form the upper loop on the center and right modules.  The lower section of the streetcar line will have both directions of the loop parallel through the left and center modules and loop on the right module; the lower level loop will be hidden and could include some staging.  In the center module, the streetcar lines will separate far enough to fit a third track and platform between them, where a heavy-rail subway line will terminate at the subway station.  Subway trains will enter the scene from staging tracks in the right module, stop at the station and then reverse back to staging.
On the mainline, the three NTrak lines will continue through the module but be brought toward the front of the module.  A siding will be installed between the yellow and blue lines that will extend from about the midpoint of the two side modules to make a 6-foot long storage track.

Show appearances
This module set was used in the following show layouts: